Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the under served through platform that offer an opportunity to the aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their brands while reducing the set back and hurdles making their success less likely. We endeavour to bring changes and alternative methodology to help tip the scale and improve their chance of better outcome.

Our Vision

 A world where ideas are no longer limited by one's ability to secure financing and exposing to the world what they have to offer. Changing the financial landscape to give the under served a chance that would be considered a Revolution. An Alternative for those who think outside the box and change situation that improve people's lives; the Innovators, the Risk takers, the Entrepreneurs..........Helping them succeed, helping us accomplish our Mission.

Our Plan

We plan on revolutionizing the way business owners and entrepreneurs secure the resources needed to provide and grow their idea and brand.

Who We Are

  A platform that offer a broader range of steps to help entrepreneurs (startups), small and medium businesses grow, scale and exit, it is a one-stop-shop help. The ultimate goal is exit in the most  expeditious and efficient way. To accomplish this task is to reinvent the wheel by implementing a new methodology, paying attention to how to properly structure each and every company so that they pay attention to the strength of their product but also improve on their weakness area. They will be surrounded with advisors and plenty of help to make sure that they will add values and grow exponentially prior to exit. The ideal status before exit is to become an "Unicorn", meaning to be valued at $1 billion or more, that is why this platform is called "The Unicorn Factory". Even if any of them cannot reach the unicorn status when they decided to exit, at least they should be close enough to the door step, their chance of survival improve significantly.

   Why incorn status important ? According to statistics no unicorn company fail !!!! Unlike other startups and small businesses, 80% fail their first year of existence; of the remaining 20%.....90% of it cannot make it pass the 5th year. The remain less than 2% survived will barely making it and most of them just counting days before they are out of business. The reasons for the high failure rate contributed by several factors, but two main one that stand out the most is Funds..money and Exposure. We understand fund is the fuel for the engine (business), but exposure is just as important. If you have the best product or service in the world but no one knows about then your chance of survival is close to zero. In this hyper competitive world, every little edge in your corner is ever so important and that is what we always highlight during the development processes.

   How SSATI-TUF providing the solution ? The platform provide a range of steps to address the funding and exposure process plus many other items that all these startups needed to equip themselves with prior to exit.
We cover from A to Z of what it take to create value, how to raise funds, prepare to pitch to investors, help line up management and Board of Directors, provide advisors and prepared them to the outside world, exit. The goal is to create Unicorn status and the end game is to exit !!!!
Note:  According to Bureau of Labor, in the United State, more than 70% of employment is provided by Small businesses while less than 30% employed by the Big Companies. Addressing this issues you are addressing our national economical and security issues. What I mean by that is, if we create more successful businesses we create more jobs and wealth start to spread and permeate throughout the country, every one benefit and happy. Happy people (society) less likely to commit crime, thus our overall security setup is much more healthier and stable.