Startups and Small and medium Businesses who seek help come to the the platform in seeking help to improve their success will find this as a one-stop-shop kind of features. Every prospect candidate will apply via a link shown below. Most applicants will be accepted, vetted and categorized using formula developed  to determined the level to which they are best suited for. This formula will weigh heavy on level of your company development of your product(s) or services. Do you have a proto-types establish, revenue, number of customers, how long your company established and so forth. The platform will also have the discretionary to deny any application base on many factors but not limited to unethical and unlawful activities that do not comply with federal, states and local government rules and  regulations. A Bootcamps will be develop to cater to these applicants. These applicants have been categorized into different levels and the length and intensity of what material are offered and trained to these candidates are also base on the readiness of these companies to move to the next level/stage of  their developments.