Investors will be invited and be selected based solely on the Platform discretionary criteria. These criteria is base on what the platform think it will be beneficial to the success of these companies but to the success of the platform as a whole in its infancy. These conditions will change over time when situation dictates. There will be rules and regulations of the platform which also conform with federal, states and local rules and regulations. 

There will be days for investors to come to a pre-arranged meeting where a list of ready to go companies are up for grap by investors ready to invest. These pre-arranged (pitch day) day will be for different stages of these companies which allows these investors to make an impact not only in their ROI but to also create more value to these companies which will accelerate their Unicorn status but  also their exit timeline. 

These investors will consist of venture capitalists, high networth individuals, regular individuals, financial institutions and other big public companies. Strict rules for this level or section is that in no way any individual, company or investor is allowed to solicit, coerce, pribe or any illegal or otherwise act to gain advantage prior to the "Pitch Day". You get caught, you will be disciplined be fine, and expel. You have to reapply but you will be bar from participating in the process for a minimum of 6 to  12 months, no exception, period.